Blue Maestro has been awarded an exhibition space at the one of the UK’s largest innovation shows, Innovate 2016, being held this year in Central Manchester.   We are one of 100 companies selected nationwide to showcase at the show.  If you are attending it would be great to see you and we can demonstrate some of our latest Bluetooth Low Energy products as well as share with you some details of our products in development.

Since exhibiting at CES in 2015 Blue Maestro has received worldwide recognition for its baby health device Pacif-i™, the world’s first Bluetooth® pacifier.  Blue Maestro is recognised for its innovative products and solutions entered around Bluetooth low energy sensors and data loggers by Innovate UK, the Department of International Trade (DIT) and Digital Catapult.  Blue Maestro now have a range of sensing and data logging solutions that can monitor a myriad of health and environment factors, for personal, home and enterprise use.

Richard Hancock, Co-Founder of Blue Maestro says: “We are proud to showcase our unique products at Innovate 2016.  There are so many wonderful innovations showcased and to be selected is an honour.  All thanks to our wonderful team for their hard work and dedication in being awarded this place.”

approved exhibitorInnovate UK Chief Executive Ruth McKernan said: “Innovate 2016 will be an excellent opportunity for Blue Maestro to showcase their cutting edge innovation to a national and international audience. I congratulate Blue Maestro on their success in winning a place and look forward to their involvement in our annual flagship show of innovation excellence across the UK.”

Innovate 2016 is the UK’s largest multi-sector innovation event and is organised by Innovate UK and the Department for International Trade. It is set up to create opportunities for export and investment for the UK’s most innovative companies.

For more information Innovate 2016 website