Use cases for Bluetooth beacon sensors and data loggers

Use cases for Bluetooth beacons and  data loggers are growing rapidly.  Bluetooth Low Energy is quickly becoming a leading technology for wireless sensors and data loggers due to its  low power, open API, advanced security features and compatibility with a wide range of devices making it superior to many alternatives, especially closed proprietary radio systems.

Many customers in industries who were once forced to consider only closed proprietary solutions are now capitalising on the flexibility, low cost and range of options that Bluetooth Low Energy technology provides.

With Bluetooth Low Energy a fairly recent phenomenon, a lot of customers still have questions as to whether it is right for their use case.  With a wide array of cheap Bluetooth beacons and basic sensors available it can often be confusing where to start.

We have set out some of the typical use cases for our range of Bluetooth beacon sensors and data loggers to give you a sense of some use cases. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Transportation and logistics


Bluetooth beacon sensors and data loggers have revolutionised monitoring goods or product in transit, with their powerful features such as airplane more

Building and construction

From monitoring the temperature and moisture content of drying concrete or plaster to site access and time and motion analysis, there is a Bluetooth based solution for you.

Cold chain and food industries


The most common use case for our world class temperature and humidity solutions.  Our Bluetooth logging devices are ideal for cold chain and food industries.

Public spaces and venues

Increasing efficiency through monitoring temperature, light and access to public spaces and venues utilising Bluetooth Low Energy


Assisted living with Bluetooth sensors and data loggers

With the growing cost of assisted living and elderly care, Bluetooth Low Energy is the ideal technology for monitoring the condition and health of the elderly or those in assisted living


Bluetooth sensors and data loggers for reptiles and pets

With their small form and low cost, Bluetooth Low Energy is ideal for monitoring the health and condition of exotic pets and animal enclosures


The transportation and access to drugs can be monitoring utilising Bluetooth Low Energy.  The beacon sensors can monitor temperature, shock and access.

Collectibles and perishables

Monitor cigars with Tempo Disc Bluetooth sensors and data loggers

Whether it be art, wine, cigars or other collectibles, Bluetooth is an idea technology for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, access, light and more.

Property Management

Bluetooth sensors and loggers for commercial construction projects

With the growing issue of tenant complaints about excess moisture in their rental accommodation, Bluetooth represents a low cost and convenient way to monitor the condition of property.

Some of the clients we have worked with

Below are some of the clients who we have provided solutions for.