A significant app update for the Android version of Tempo Utility App has gone live today.  This is version 3.12 and runs on Android 5.1 and above.  The old app that was compatible with Android 5.0 devices is still available, but users are advised to upgrade their OS to Android 5.1 to enjoy the new features in this update.

The update is compatible with all Blue Maestro Bluetooth data loggers and beacons.

The following represents a summary of the new features and bug fixes:

  1. The graphing function has been improved to provide for timestamps on the x-axis.
  2. The ability to set time intervals for the graphs.
  3. The ability to select a particular metric for display without all of them appearing.
  4. Showing the pressure readings on the right hand side of the y-axis for better readability in a combined graph.
  5. Selecting a point on a graph will now display a pop-up of its value.
  6. Stored data is saved in a database for each device based on its Reference Date.  Where a Reference Date is changed, a new database is created meaning a device’s previous data stored in the Android device is not erased for each new logging job.
  7. When viewing stored data there now appears the date for the last download of that data.
  8. The export function has been fixed where it would sometimes convert values to Fahrenheit twice.
  9. When exporting data the file name for the cvs includes the Reference Date meaning file names are unique for each new logging job making archiving and sorting easier.
  10. Where no Reference Date is set the method whereby the app calculates timestamps has been improved.
  11. The Commands have been improved where cancelling no longer displays a “failure to communicate” message incorrectly
  12. The progress bar for downloading data has been improved to make it more representative of progress
  13. A dropdown menu interface has been added eliminating the need for buttons on certain of the screens.
  14. Key metrics such as averages, highs and lows have been added to the graphs.
  15. Many more small bug fixes and enhancements.

Over the coming months we will be adding new features to both the Android and iOS apps, so stay tuned!

Blue Maestro Team