Tempo Environment Monitor

A stylish Bluetooth® Low Energy environment monitor / mini-weather station and data logger for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.  It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Versatile and cost effective

There are no wires or cords, place it anywhere

Tempo Environment Monitor in Bracket

Tempo Environment Monitor has a battery life in excess of two years due to its large capacity 2xAA batteries and the use of the most efficient chipset from Nordic Semiconductor (nRF52) which is 30% more energy efficient than its rivals.

Tempo Environment has a range of up to 75 meters / 220 feet line of sight due to the efficient placement of its ceramic chip antenna.

Settings such as the logging interval can be changed from the default of 1 hour down to every 5 minutes.




Free apps and SDK

Make your own apps if you wish



>  The Tempo Environment Monitor comes with free apps for iOS and Android.

>  These apps allow you to view live data from any number of Tempo devices at the same time, download historical data, view graphs, export data in .pdf or CSV format, set temperature alerts, choose units of measure, set the interval period of logging and much more

>  An SDK is available so you can incorporate Tempo Environment Monitor into your own apps or other Bluetooth Smart projects

>  Custom development is available from Blue Maestro – if you need an environment monitor for a specific purpose just enquire

iPhone App for Tempo

Designed with an eye to detail

Durable yet elegant



Summary of features

Superior technology

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Technical specifications


85mm / 3.3″ long; 55 mm / 2.16″ wide; 35mm / 1.38″ high


270 grams / 9.5 ounces


+/- 0.3º Celsius / +/- 0.5º Fahrenheit; 3% Relative Humidity; 3 Millibars Pressure


Default is once every hour, but can be user defined to be as frequent as once every 5 minutes to once every 24 hours


75 meters / 240 feet line of sight typical; 3 – 11 meters / 10 – 36 feet obstructed or indoors typical


2 x AA replaceable (included) – 12 months typical


-40º Celsius / -40º Fahrenheit to 75º Celsius / 167º Fahrenheit ; 5% – 95% Relative Humidity


iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via free apps.


Documentation with communication protocols available for own app or internet enabled project available


Either .CSV or .PSD formats via email from smartphones and tablets


12 months


United Kingdom

How to buy or any further questions

We ship worldwide and most dispatches are done daily.  For continental Europe most deliveries are within 2 – 3 days.  For the United States and Canada, most deliveries are within 3 – 5 days.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.