Introducing Pebble

Pebble monitors and logs temperature, humidity, pressure and dew point utilising the Bosch BME280 Environment Sensor, storing 24,000 data points.  It utilises Bluetooth Low Energy, has a range of about 75 meters / 225 feet and its batteries last in excess of 5 years.  It comes with apps for iOS and Android and is easily incorporated into third party solutions using our SDKs and API document.


Accuracy of +/- 0.5º Celsius between 0º C – 60º C with a full range of -30º C to +85º C.


Accuracy +/- 3% Relative Humidity between 20% – 100% RH with a full range 0 – 100% RH.


Accuracy of +/- .12 Relative hPa between 700 hPa and 900 hPa with a full range 300 hPa and 1100 hPa.


Calculated from temperature and humidity readings.

Data Storage

24,000 data points or 6,000 data points for each metric.  Logging interval is set by user.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth 4.1 with a range of 75 meters/225 feet.  Open beacon and logging API for custom development.


2xAA replaceable batteries (included) lasting in excess of 5 years.


Durable polycarbonate outer enclosure with rubber feet.  Optional wall bracket is clear polycarbonate.

Advantages of Pebble

Pebble offers a data logging solution like no other.  Easy to set up and extract your data via CSV, made to be robust with an extraordinary 5 year life and designed and developed by one of the world’s leading Bluetooth specialists.

Generate insightful reports in minutes

Using our Tempo App on your phone, download the data from Pebble and export by way of email to your desktop/laptop, copy and paste the data into our Excel template and instantly generate beautiful looking reports for deep data analysis and record keeping purposes.  The reports are 100% customisable.


Download a sample pdf report generated using the Pebble Excel template

Tour of the key features

Interactive look at some of the features

Tour of the free iOS and Apps

Interactive look at some of the features of the APPS

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Technical and support information

The Pebble Environment Monitor specifications: Pebble Technical Specifications.pdf

Pebble utilises a Bosch Sensortec BME280 Environment Sensor.  For more detailed specifications on the sensor please visit here.  The specifications as they apply to the BME280 can be applied to the Pebble Environment Monitor.

Pebble utilises the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 System on Chip.  For more information and the specifications of this component please visit here.

Pebble utilises a ceramic chip antenna 2450AT42E0100 from Johanson Technologies which has been tuned for its enclosure.  More information on the antenna can be found here.


Dimensions of Pebble Environment Sensor and Data Logger


Pebble utilises an open Bluetooth beacon and data logging API.  The API and command documentation can be found here:   Pebble Environment Monitor Bluetooth Beacon Sensor Logger API.  

Pebble utilises an open Bluetooth beacon and data logging API.  If you are considering developing your own apps for Tempo Environment Monitor we suggest your read our blog post on how to interpret the API and Command Documentation and apply it to the Bluetooth beacon advertisements which can be found here.

The Bluetooth beacon structure contains rich metrics as outlined below.

Pebble Bluetooth Beacon API

We provide SDKs for both Android and iOS apps.  These are the base code for our own Tempo Utility App which is available free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Android SDK can be found here:  Android SDK

The iOS SDK can be found here:  iOS SDK

The free iOS Tempo Utility App can be found here

The free Android Utility App can be found here

Use our Excel template to generate reports in minutes.  You can generate graphs, analyse threshold breaches, get rich telemetric data for insights and record keeping.

Template for Pebble Report Generation.xltx


How to buy or any further questions

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.