Tempo Disc Version 23 Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger is now shipping.  Version 23 relates to the firmware version and comes with a number of enhancements and new features to ensure Tempo Disc remains one of the best temperature and humidity sensors and data loggers available on the market today.

Amongst the new features is a Reference Date that can be added to the device to ensure the accurate time stamping of logged data utilising the RTC in Tempo Disc.  This means that all mobile devices/gateways that extract logged data from the Tempo Disc will be synchronised in terms of the time tamping of the data.  The Reference Date is easily set via the all new Tempo Utility App for iOS and Android.

Another new feature is a device pin that when set prevents unauthorised access to the settings of the device or the unauthorised downloading of any logged data.  It is also possible to disable the button to prevent the Tempo Disc from being turned off, meaning that it is possible to deploy the Tempo Disc in the field without the risk of it being tampered with either physically or electronically.

With these changes Tempo Disc now has over 20 settings and preferences making it one of the most powerful sensors and data loggers available on the market today.
Tempo Disc Settings              Tempo Disc Android App            Tempo DIsc Bluetooth sensor

If you have any questions or want any more information on the latest version of the Tempo Disc Temperature and Humidity Sensor do not hesitate to contact your Blue Maestro Sales Representative of contact us on sales@bluemaestro.com.