Blue Maestro is proud to release on of the world’s leading Bluetooth temperature sensor beacon data logger, Tempo Disc IP67™.  The “IP67″ denotes the waterproof rating of the sensor.

The Bluetooth sensor beacon data logger disc is not much bigger that a U.S. quarter dollar in diameter but packs a great deal of technology into its small form. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones which makes it ultra-convenient and cost effective to deploy. Free apps are available in Google Play and on the App Store. It has a range of up to 75 meters/225 feet line of sight, although this can drop when the Bluetooth beacon sensor data logger disc is submerged in water.

Tempo Disc IP67 monitors and logs temperature to a 0.4º Celsius level of accuracy and can store up to 20000 data points.  There are free apps for iOS and Android.
Picture of our first bulk order destined for a client in the Netherlands

Tempo Disc IP 67 is made out of durable polycarbonate with a soft TPE overmould which incorporates an on/off switch.  It includes the following features which make it exceptional value for money:

1. LED for assistance in functionality, identification and locating;

2. An on/off switch to extend battery life and added functionality;

3. Ultra low power nRF52832 system on chip for extended battery life; and

4. Ceramic antenna, balun and tuned matching circuitry for best in class radio range.

The price of Tempo Disc IP67™ makes large scale deployment cost effective, and is ideal for logistics where its data logging capabilities and direct to smartphone compatibility makes it a convenient and powerful device for tracking temperature sensitive goods in transit.

Tempo Disc IP67™ is, of course, compatible with Tempo Anywhere™, where its data can be routed to the internet via Wi-Fi for web-browser accessibility and cloud based data storage.

Contact Blue Maestro Sales for more information on this remarkable temperature sensor and data logger.