Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth® Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger

Tempo Disc Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and loggers are small, cost effective, easy to use and highly accurate sensors and data loggers that can be used in a wide variety of use cases.  Our Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger is one of our best sellers given the wide number of use cases it can be applied to.  See below what makes this one of the most powerful temperature and humidity loggers on the market today.

Feature Summary


Bluetooth Low Energy

We utilise Bluetooth Low Energy technology providing good battery life, excellent range and compatibility with a wide range of smartphones/computer systems.


Data logging capacity

Our devices log 4,000 data points for each of temperature, humidity and dew point.  This can be extended to over 200,000 data points using FLASH storage.


World class range

Our devices utilise omni-directional ceramic chip antennas provide a world-class range of 75 meters / 230 feet line of sight.


Extensive options

Our temperature and humidity data loggers provide the most comprehensive range of settings in the market today via Blue Maestro’s innovative Bluetooth UART interface.


iOS, Android and Internet

Our Bluetooth sensing and logging devices work with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets running Bluetooth 4.0 +.  We also provide internet connectivity with Tempo Anywhere and Blue Maestro Cloud.


Highly accurate

We utilise a highly accurate SI7020 temperature and humidity sensor offering high accuracy.  Temperature accuracy is +/- 0.3° Celsius or +/- 0.5° Fahrenheit and humidity accuracy is +/- 3% relative humidity.


Temperature alerts

You are able to set two separate alerts for either temperature, humidity or dewpoint (or any combination).  The device will advertise a special advertisement on a breach and will also log how many breaches occur.


Customisation available

We offer a range of customisation services to provide you the perfect temperature and humidity sensor that meets your requirements.  This can include custom sensors, firmware or apps.  We can also place your branding on Tempo Disc.


Tempo Disc has been designed to be the smallest and most feature packed data logger available on the market today.  It includes a touch polycarbonate exterior with a soft touch TPE button for easy operation.  An easily removable back cover to change the battery.  And finally, small grills that make the sensor highly accurate as well as providing visibility to an LED that indicates status.


Top View

Features a soft touch button for on/off and that comes in a variety of colours



Side View

Very low profile for flexibility in deployment.  Small side grills to optimise sensor accuracy.  An LED to indicate status is visible through the grills.


Bottom View

An easily removed back compartment to allow the battery to be changed.  Small recess to allow a two sided adhesive pad to be placed.


Optional Silicone Cover

A stylish silicon ecover is available for protection and increases deployment options (screw, hook, lanyard, etc)

Apps for IOS and Android

Free apps are available for iOS and Android for Blue Maestro’s Tempo Disc range of Bluetooth sensors and data loggers.  Not only can the apps be downloaded and used as they are, but the source code is available in Github to allow for users to quickly develop their own apps.  Take a look below at some screenshots and an overview of the features of these apps.


Device Details Screen

Each Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger continuously transmits rich metrics in advertisement packets meaning no connection or bonding to the device is required.  The app simply scans the advertisement packets.  This screen details the data transmitted.

Use Cases

Tempo Disc can be used in a wide variety of situations to save time and money.  Tempo Disc is also small and stylish enough to be used in a domestic setting as well as being robust, accurate with powerful features to be used in commercial and industrial settings.  Below is a selection of use cases our Tempo Disc is being deployed in.

Logistics and transportation


Benefits and Savings

Whether you are in the transportation or logistics sector, or simply ship temperature or humidity sensitive items, a Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger is an ideal way of monitoring whether the items you carry or ship are kept at the optimum conditions.  This can save money by allowing agents to quickly identify and deal with issues en route, allow spoilage to be identified early in the supply chain, assist in resolving disputes and finally providing peace of mind.

Construction and building industries


Benefits and Savings

Use Tempo Disc to monitor the moisture and temperature condition of building and construction projects.  Avoid disputes and identify issues by having a time stamped record of environmental conditions.  Assists in optimising work plans and reducing remedial work.  Easy to set-up and can be left in situ to provide 9 – 12 months of continuous data.  Data is quickly extracted by any smartphone on site or remotely when used with Tempo Anywhere.

Exotic and domestic pet enclosures


Benefits and Savings

Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger is ideal for monitoring the environment for reptiles, pets or farm animals.  A timestamp record helps to identify any issues you may unaware of while providing a record for regulatory/compliance purposes.  Small enough that it can be placed anywhere without the need for wires, even in horse blankets.  Easy to set-up and install, can be done in a few minutes.  Our Tempo Discs are used at Chessington Zoo and Pets at Home.

Cigars, collectibles, galleries and libraries


Benefits and Savings

Place a Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger in a humidor, cellar, gallery or library to provide a continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity and dew point.  Small enough to go unnoticed while powerful enough to be read from 75 meters/230 feet away (line of sight).  Place many throughout a building for comprehensive monitoring.  Ensure your valuable items are kept in the best condition while providing a timestamped record for regulatory/compliance purposes.

Food Industry and Cold Chain


Benefits and Savings

Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensors and Data Loggers are ideal for monitoring refrigerators for small and large businesses alike.  Tempo Disc is powerful enough that transmissions will travel outside a refrigerator when placed correctly.  Tempo Disc can be set up in just a few minutes and when deployed with Tempo Anywhere you are able to get push notifications when your cold chain equipment develops issues.  This saves time and money in avoiding spoilt product, clean-up jobs and dealing with unhappy customers.

Rental Accommodation and Social Housing


Benefits and Savings

Avoid and manage disputes with tenants over the condition of rental accommodation or social housing by deploying Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensors and Data Loggers to record temperature and dampness issues.  Tempo Disc can identify whether dampness is caused by tenant habits or is an issue with the accommodation itself.  Also helps identify where remedial work is needed and can be used to assess the effectiveness of remedial work.  Cost effective that several can be placed in one accommodation unit and if placed optimally can be read outside the accommodation without having to gain entry.  Remote monitoring with Tempo Anywhere is also an option.

Assisted Living and Elderly care


Benefits and Savings

Use Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger to monitor patients or the elderly in assisted living situations.  Poor heating and ventilation can be a source of poor health and assisted living providers can identify issues early by deploying Tempo Disc in the key areas of a patient’s accommodation.  Tempo Disc can provide a pattern of living that can be used to better manage the patient’s or elderly’s care.  Best used in conjunction with Tempo Anywhere whereby alerts are automatically generated for carers without having to be on-site.

Domestic and Family Environment


Benefits and Savings

Tempo Disc is stylish and discrete enough to be used in family homes to provide a better picture of the heating/ventilation condition in areas not monitored by a thermostat.  Place Tempo Disc in a nursery to ensure your baby is not too hot or too cold, even in the small hours of the morning where you may not otherwise notice.  Tempo Disc can identify heating inefficiencies saving users 100’s in energy savings over the life of the device.  Ideal for second or holiday homes when used with Tempo Anywhere to quickly identify issues when you are not there.

Optional Internet Connectivity with Tempo Anywhere

A compelling reason for using a Tempo Disc Bluetooth Low Energy solution is the ability to extract data directly with a smartphone.  However in certain situations remote monitoring is required or desired (in other words, outside of Bluetooth range).  Well, we have the solution for you in the form of Tempo Anywhere, an internet gateway that allows your Tempo Disc to connect to the internet via any available Wi-Fi network.


Explore how Tempo Anywhere and Blue Maestro Cloud enables your Tempo Disc Bluetooth sensors to be viewed by an internet browser where-ever you are in the world.

Connect Bluetooth Low Energy to the internet

Technical Specifications

Radio Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy technology (4.0) utilising a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 Arm Cortex M4 based system on chip

Sensor Accuracy

Temperature: +/- 0.3° Celsius, +/- 0.5° Fahrenheit.  Rated from a minimum of -40° Celsius, -40° Fahrenheit to a maximum +80° Celsius, 176° Fahrenheit.
Humidity: +/- 3% Relative Humidity.  Rated from a minimum of 0% to 100% Relative Humidity


API Documentation and SDKs in the form of source code for iOS and Android are available to enable the development of custom apps and the easy integration into wider systems.

Physical dimensions

Size: 33mm / 1,3 inches in diameter and 9.5mm / 0.37 inches high.
Weight: 30 grams / 1.06 ounces.

Battery and battery life

CR2032 coin cell that is replaceable and comes included.  Battery life is approximately 9 months to one year in normal operation.


Approximately 75 meters, 250 feet line of sight.  Reduced when obstructed.

Guarantee and Warranty

We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  All of our Tempo Disc devices come with a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Country of Manufacture

Tempo Disc is designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by Blue Maestro in the United Kingdom.

How to Buy

If you would like to order a Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity logger, please check out in our online store.  We ship daily and international orders are welcome.  If you would like an invoice raised in advance or would like to order in bulk, please contact sales@bluemaestro.com.  All of our products come with a 30 day, no quibble money back guarantee and a 6 month warranty.

Still have any questions?

Feel free to send us an email at enquiries@bluemaestro.com, fill in the online contact form or call one of our toll free numbers.  We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have.