Pebble Environment Monitor Resources

Pebble Environment Monitor is a Bluetooth sensor beacon and data logger that monitors and records temperature, humidity, dew point and barometric pressure.  It utilises Bluetooth 4.1 technology and is compatible with iOS 7 and above and Android 5 and above operating systems.   It has a battery life in excess of 5 years and a wireless range of 70 meters/225 feet line of sight.

Guides, technical documents and useful links

Pebble utilises an open Bluetooth beacon and data logging API.  The API and command documentation can be found here:

   Tempo Disc Temperature and Humidity Bluetooth Beacon and Data Logger API and Command Document.pdf

The Bluetooth beacon structure contains rich metrics as outlined below.

Data structure for Bluetooth Logger

We provide SDKs for both Android and iOS apps.  These are the base code for our own Tempo Utility App which is available free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Android SDK can be found here:  Android SDK

The iOS SDK can be found here:  iOS SDK

The free iOS Tempo Utility App can be found here

The free Android Utility App can be found here