Pacif-i Resources

Pacif-i is a Bluetooth smart baby pacifier to measure your baby’s temperature on the go.  It allows you to record your baby’s temperature effortlessly without disturbing them.  It has a range of 30 feet/10 metres.  It uses Bluetooth 4.1 to communicate with iOS and Android devices.  You can download the free apps from the App Store or Google Play  If after going through this you still need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quick start guide

Open your Pacif-i packaging and begin by cleaning Pacif-i with warm soapy water and drying thoroughly.

Download the Pacif-i app from either the App Store or Google Play

Turn Pacif-i on by pressing the coloured front soft touch surface.  A green LED will flash in the pacifier.

On your smartphone, open the Pacif-i app, select your Pacif-i and then tap the “Start” button.  Your pacifier will start taking temperature.

Guides, technical documents and useful links

The free Pacifier-i iOS App can be found here

The free Pacif-i Android App can be found here