Welcome to Pacif-i Update 4, and it’s a big one. That’s right, we have a shipping date for U.S. customers – Friday 30th October!

The good news is slightly tempered in that we will be shipping to U.S. customers first, since we are waiting on our CE (European) safety tests to be finalised. Also because of the sheer volume of pre-orders, it is going to take us many weeks to clear the back-log – so just bear with us. All U.S. customers will receive an email asking them to confirm their shipping address. Orders will be dispatched in the order in which they were placed, providing you have confirmed your shipping address – so please watch out for that email.

More good news is that our Notified Body in the UK has confirmed that Pacif-i™ is not a medical device in Europe which means the CE testing can now be limited to toxicology and child safety. We aren’t expecting problems since we have met the U.S. equivalent tests and our testing house now has all the required samples for testing.

Pacif-i comes in orange and green – rather appropriate for shipping at Halloween

As it happens our first two colours for Pacif-i™ are orange and green – very appropriate for shipping at Halloween. The first shipments will only be in green since we have just green packaging at this point. We should have orange and green in the next few weeks – so if you receive an email and you want orange – not green – let us know and we will put you on a list for orange. Very shortly we will be introducing more colours and in fact we will be asking for feedback from you on what colours to do next. So let us know what colours you would like to see.

We hope you find the wait worthwhile. Pacif-i™ has a lot of features that make it very special – including the choice of materials it is made out of. Most pacifiers are made out of polypropylene that give them a slightly milky or cloudy appearance or polycarbonate that can contain harmful Bishphonyl A or phthalates. Pacif-i™ is made out of the latest medical grade polymer that gives it a highly clear finish. It is significantly more expensive than other resins, but worth it in our opinion.

Pacif-i uses the latest in high technology medical grade polymer

The iOS and Android apps are just being finalised. During the recent beta testing we received some feedback which we are just incorporating. The Android app is a little behind the iOS one but it should be ready by the time customers receive their devices.

We will announce further shipping dates shortly, so stay tuned!

Blue Maestro Team