Blue Maestro adds to its range of industrial grade Bluetooth sensor beacons and data loggers with the new Tempo Disc Movement and Shock Sensor and Data Logger.

Tempo Disc can monitor and log movement for logging intervals of one second to 24 hours.  With a sensitivity threshold that can be defined from 0 (most sensitive) to 255 (least sensitive), Tempo Disc can detect and log micro movements to very large shocks such as being dropped.

Tempo Disc can monitor two different thresholds during the same logging interval and can store 20,000 total records, 10,000 for each threshold channel.  With a logging interval of one hour, that is over 1 year’s worth of data.

Tempo Disc is ultra low power and with optimised settings can achieve over 1 year’s of battery life on a CR2032 coin cell that can be easily changed.

Once the log is downloaded, movement records can be graphed or exported by way of .CSV file.

Free apps for iOS and Android as well as API and SDKs for custom integration are available.

More information on this new product can be found here.