Bluetooth® medicine adherence sensor and logger

Medicine Adherence Poster.292

Blue Maestro is developing for the NHS a small Bluetooth sensor beacon and data logger that can be attached to standard medicine containers and that monitors and logs when the medicine is taken by the patient.  The sensor can facilitate directly adherence through sending alerts when the medicine is not taken, or can be used to evaluate adherence through an analysis of the logged usage patterns.

It is designed to be extremely easy to use – it is simply activated via smartphone using Bluetooth, attached to a range of standard medicine containers where it will recognise when the medicine has been used.  The data log can be extract by smartphone (iOS and Android)by the patient, carer or clinician.  The data is encrypted and password protected.

We will be offering Blue Maestro Cloud support for the sensor so carers and medicine professionals can monitor medicine usage remotely and alerts/notifications can be sent to them and the patient without having to be in Bluetooth range of the medicine.