Internet connectivity for Bluetooth® low energy sensors and loggers

Incredibly easy and saves you time and money

You can view sensor data over the internet through any web-browser, store the sensor data in the cloud for record keeping/report generation and get push notifications if threshold breaches occur.

What is it?

A powerful solution simply described

It is a cloud solution where all of your Bluetooth sensors and loggers can be viewed on a dashboard via a web browser.  You can get push notifications and access reports.  Internet connectivity is achieved with our world-beating Tempo Anywhere internet gateway that communicates with your sensors and loggers using Bluetooth and sends the data to the cloud using your WiFi network.

You get flexibility in deployment

Tempo Anywhere is small, robust and stylish

You can place Tempo Anywhere almost anywhere.

Tempo Anywhere for internet access to Bluetooth sensors

Side View
Internet Gateway for Bluetooth Low Energy

End View
Internet Gateway for Bluetooth devices top view

Top View

Cloud costs begin from as little as FREE

Cost effective and savings will cover costs many times over

We have a cloud plan that works for you.  The required Tempo Anywhere can be bought in our online shop.

Free Plan

per month

  • Connects one Tempo Anywhere
  • Last 30 days of data storage
  • No threshold alarms or push notifications
  • 2 Bluetooth sensor and data logger limit
Small Business Plan

per month

  • Connects one Tempo Anywhere
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Push notifications to one email address
  • First 5 Bluetooth sensors no charge, each additional Bluetooth sensor $1 per month
  • GBP / EUR pricing also available
Enterprise Plan

per month

  • Connects multiple Tempo Anywheres. Each additional Tempo Anywhere $5,00 per month
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Push notifications to multiple email addresses
  • First 5 Bluetooth sensors free, each additional Bluetooth sensors $1.00 per month
  • GBP / EUR pricing also available

You get these benefits

Save time and money, ease compliance burdens and get peace of mind
Save time and money

Monitoring your business couldn’t be easier or quicker.  This saves time and reduces workload on all involved.

Meet compliance obligations

Record keeping and compliance obligations can be satisfied accurately and reliably with almost no effort.

Get advance notice of issues

Get notifications of issues with the ability to set a number of different thresholds for each sensor.  Helps avoid costly issues and provides peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If these don’t answer any question you have, drop us a line
What is included with Tempo Anywhere?

It comes with a power supply with multiple adapters for the UK, EUR and the US.

What if there is a power cut or a loss of internet connection?

You will get a push notification if your Tempo Anywhere goes offline for more than 15 minutes.  Your Bluetooth data loggers will continue to log data which you can access from your smartphone for record keeping and compliance purposes.

Does Tempo Anywhere need power?

Yes it needs to be plugged into a mains power supply.  However the Bluetooth sensors that it communicates with are battery powered.

Is Tempo Anywhere FCC and CE approved?

Yes, and it’s also approved for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Do I need WiFi?

No, Tempo Anywhere can also be connected to your router with an ethernet cable (not included).

Can I use Tempo Anywhere to connect with our own servers?

Yes, we can integrate Tempo Anywhere to other backends.  Tempo Anywhere uses JSON packets to relay data over https and this integration is easiest.  Enquire about our integration services today.

How do I set up Tempo Anywhere?

You use your smartphone or another computer to connect to Tempo Anywhere using its WiFi.  You then enter details of the router you will connect Tempo Anywhere to and your Blue Maestro Cloud account and viola!  Done!

Next steps

Buy Tempo Anywhere from our shop and sign up to Blue Maestro Cloud

Alternatively, if you have any questions, drop us a line and we would be happy to help.