With the debut of our latest product range, Tempo Disc™, we’ve been fielding the occasional question about its use cases. In a nutshell, Tempo Disc™ is a small form, low energy, coin cell powered sensor and data logging platform that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.  We use the term “platform” in the sense that Tempo Disc™ can come in a number of sensor packages (from temperature, humidity, movement, light, pressure, proximity, through to standard beacons and buttons).

Data logging

For most people looking for a data logging solution for business purposes, the potential use cases of Tempo Disc™ are pretty clear. Each Tempo Disc™ takes sensor readings and logs and time-stamps the readings in its on-board memory for later downloading. Tempo Disc™ is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones since it uses Bluetooth Smart technology.  It can also be connected to the internet via the placement of Tempo Anywhere™ within range of the Tempo Disc™ (the range being anywhere up to 30 meters/100 feet) which acts as a Wi-Fi gateway enabling Tempo Disc™ data to be sent over the internet at fixed intervals or on the occurrence of certain events. Tempo Anywhere™ comes in a battery version meaning a fully internet enabled sensor solution can be set up wirelessly, without cords or plugs.

The main businesses we see deploying Tempo Disc™ are in health, farming and cold chain. We now have our Tempo Discs™ being incorporated in horse blankets, in monitoring animals in a zoo, in hospitals in the Netherlands and on farms in Ireland, amongst other use cases.

Why choose Tempo Disc™ as a sensor and data logger?

1. Small footprint: The Tempo Disc™ is infinitely portable. It is the size of a 50 pence piece (or slightly larger than a U.S. quarter) and is very light, less than 30 grams or about one ounce.

2. Reliable: Made to endure demanding environments – temperatures exceeding 70 Celsius/158 Fahrenheit and falling below -40 Celsius/-40 Fahrenheit and humidity of 100% (for the IP67 rated version).

3. On/Off switch: Has a convenient multi-function button that can turn the device on and off and enter it into other modes (for firmware updates, for example).

4. Buzzer: Incorporates a buzzer for confirmation of button presses and that can be used for identification and location.

5. Bluetooth® technology: As stated above, it uses the latest in Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth 4.1) technology and so is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It has a range of up to 30 meters/100 feet line of sight. Free apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

6. Internet optionality: By using Tempo Anywhere™, data from any Tempo Disc™ in range can be sent via Wi-Fi to the internet automatically (requires Tempo Anywhere™ to be wirelessly connected to a Wi-Fi router). This provides a completely wireless/cordless sensor network solution that works directly with smartphones and is accessible over the internet.

7. Waterproof option: IP67 rated.

8. Battery operated: Uses 2032 sized coin cells which can last in excess of one year and are easily changed (except the waterproof version)

9. Affordable: The sensors in volume can be as little as $19 or £15 making wide deployment economic.


We hope this post goes someway to address the occasional question we get on use cases of Tempo Disc. As we stated above, Tempo Disc comes in a range of sensor configurations, but what we would also like to add is that we can offer customisation of the sensor and the firmware for your use case, if our off-the-shelf solutions do not meet your needs. Feel free to drop us a line at enquiries@bluemaestro.com to see how we can assist you with your data logging needs.