In the world of food and pharmaceuticals controlling temperature and humidity are paramount. Keeping constant track of temperature and humidity levels, though, is challenging. It can be time consuming, have technical complexity and be full of regulatory requirements. Crucially, there can be costly repercussions if temperature and humidity levels exceed limits.  Many monitoring and logging devices today use proprietary technology that are PC based and don’t offer the flexibility of a smartphone/tablet workflow, so crucial in today’s modern cold chain.

Blue Maestro’s Tempo Environment Monitor™ and Tempo Disc™ range of sensor products makes constant monitoring and logging of temperature, humidity, movement and barometric pressure easy and cost effective.  They log and timestamp data for up to 30 days which can be extracted by a smartphone or tablet running either iOS or Android when a user is in range.  This type of workflow is ideal for goods and products in transit and allows checks to be carried out on the road quickly and effectively without having to resort to expensive and complex telemetrics.  This type of solution is also ideal for customers of cold chain distribution, since it enables them to add a level of checking/verification in addition to that provided by cold chain courier/transportation companies.

Blue Maestro’s solutions are completely wireless and there is no need for any cables, Wi-Fi, chargers or any separate hub device (although internet accessibility is an option with Blue Maestro’s Tempo Anywhere™ wireless internet gateway).  Those that work in the transportation of refrigerated goods, or those in fixed storage facilities, will appreciate the ease with which the solutions can be used with any iOS or Android smartphone.

The readings of Tempo Environment Monitor™ and Tempo Disc™ are accurate and set to within +/- 0.3C @25C for temperature levels and to +/- 3%RH @55%RH for humidity.

All Blue Maestro products can be easily integrated into third party solutions with integration API/Data Protocol documents available for this purpose.  We also have many third party value added resellers incorporating our sensor devices as part of broader solutions to clients and our support engineers can provide assistance where it is needed.

If you have any questions about this do not hesitate to contact Blue Maestro Sales.