The Tempo Disc range represents a series of small, robust and feature-packed Bluetooth Low Energy sensor beacons and data loggers designed to be used in commercial and industrial settings.

Bluetooth Data Loggers for Cold Chain

Temperature monitoring and loggers

Our Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor Beacon and Data Logger is ideal for sensing and logging temperature accurately and reliably.  There are temperature only, temperature and humidity as well as waterproof versions.  Tempo Disc is small enough to be placed almost anywhere.  Extract logged data with your smartphone or deploy Tempo Anywhere for remote monitoring.

Movement and shock loggers

Need to log movement, vibration or shock? You may want to check out Tempo Disc Movement and Shock Sensor Beacon and Data Logger with a highly sensitive accelerometer that can sense, timestamp and log movements. Ideal for the transportation of sensitive goods or  to monitor when things are moved, open or closed.

Bluetooth Data Loggers for Movement

Bluetooth data loggers for light-1

Light monitors and loggers

Need to log light levels, such as when lights are turned on or off, rooms are accessed or cupboards, refrigerators or storage areas are accessed? Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth light monitors and loggers can log and timestamp light intensity levels.

Humidity monitor and loggers

Looking for a Bluetooth® data logging solution for humidity?  Look no further than the Tempo Disc™ range of Bluetooth® data loggers.  A humidity Tempo Disc™ can accurately monitor and log humidity levels storing up to 30 days of data.  Enquire about our humidity Bluetooth® logging solutions today.

Bluetooth Data Logger for humidity

Button Push Bluetooth Data Loggers

Monitoring and logging button pushes

Need a Bluetooth® data logger for button pushes? Tempo Disc™ comes with a soft touch button that can register and timestamp button pushes providing an audible tone for user feedback. Excellent when tasks need registering and timed. Buttons with different colours can be used for different tasks. These are currently used in two Netherlands’ hospitals to register the completion of procedures during life saving operations.

Custom solutions

If none of the above are what you are looking for feel free to get in touch for a custom design. All of our Tempo Discs come with a button, buzzer and LED. They can be waterproof or have a replaceable battery. The only restriction is that any sensor you require needs to be surface mountable on a PCB and fit in our enclosure.

Blue Maestro Custom Solutions