Bluetooth® sensors and loggers for health and environment monitoring


Pacif-i™, the Bluetooth Smart thermometer pacifier

Blue Maestro designed, developed and produces the world’s first Bluetooth pacifier that takes a baby’s temperature and relays it to your iOS or Android smartphone where it is timestamped as an accurate record.

Bluetooth thermometer pacifier in green

Tempo By Itself


Tempo Environment Monitor™

Tempo Environment Monitor™ was one of the world’s first Bluetooth® mini-weather stations/environment monitors that records temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.  Storing over 3,600 data points (approximately 1 month’s data at hourly intervals) on a logging basis it is powered by 2xAA batteries for long battery life.


Tempo Disc™ Sensing and Logging Solutions

Our Tempo Disc™ family of products is a range of Bluetooth sensing beacons, monitoring devices and data logging solutions.  Their small size, long range and long battery life make them ideal for home and business.  From logistics to hospital operating theatres, Tempo Disc™ is used in a wide variety of use cases around the world.  Enquire how we can customise Tempo Disc™ to satisfy your specific sensing and/or data logging requirements.

Group of Tempo Discs and iPhone

Waterproof Bluetooth Data loggers


Tempo Disc IP67™ Waterproof Temperature Sensor and Data Logger

Tempo Disc IP67™ is a waterproof Bluetooth Low Energy temperature sensor and data logger.  It features a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 Bluetooth System on Chip using an ARM Cortex M4 for optimum processing performance and therefore increased battery life.   Tempo Disc IP67™ can come in a number of different configurations.  The most common is temperature, but a version that can do movement, button push, open/closing, asset tracking and light can also be specified.    All versions  are powered by a coin cell CR2032 with a battery life of over a year in most instances (depending on use case).


Medicine Monitoring Solution

Blue Maestro’s innovative Bluetooth medicine monitoring solution is a small form Bluetooth movement sensor that can be easily attached to standard over the counter medicines to record when they were taken.  Can be internet enabled with Blue Maestro’s Tempo Anywhere™ solution so patient’s medicine adherence regime can be monitored by carers, health professionals and family members.

Medicine Adherence Tracker