Blue Maestro was selected to participate in the Digital Catapult’s Things Connected Innovation Programme run during October and November 2017 in London.  This was an opportunity for 12 leading companies in the IoT space work with challenge providers in solving particular problems in social housing and assisted living with a focus on LoRaWAN technology.

With LoRaWAN becoming a rapidly growing open source Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology that operates in the license free spectrum specifically designed to integrate small wireless battery operated devices on a regional, national or global basis, the Digital Catapult sought to agitate around the technology by involving some of the UK’s leading IoT companies in an intensive 8 week course looking at how the technology can be used to solve issues in social housing and assisted living.

During the programme, the companies were introduced to and brainstormed with Social Housing providers such as Golding Homes and assisted living charities such as Friends of the Elderly looking at real life problems and how they could be solved using IoT.  The programme culminated in a presentation by each of the companies held in London on 27 November 2017 to a wide audience invited to attend the presentations.

We presented our solutions which involve the combination of Bluetooth sensor beacons combined with a central LoRaWAN sub-gateway that then communicated with an internet enabled LoRaWAN gateway which could be located anywhere from 5 to 15 miles away.  This unique approach capitalises on the strengths of both technologies in terms of combining the small size and low cost of Bluetooth sensor beacons with the long range internet connectivity afforded by the LoRaWAN technology.  This enables many sensors to be deployed far easier, quicker and at less cost than if each of those sensors was a LoRaWAN sensor.  This meant set-up and ongoing costs were significantly reduced, and the size of the devices can be kept extremely small, best if they are worn on a patient, for example.

A copy of Blue Maestro’s final presentation is attached.  If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of this technology do not hesitate to contact a Blue Maestro representative.

Presentation on using LoRaWAN in Assisted Living and Social Housing.pdf