Whether you are  buying a data logger for the first time, or are experienced in purchasing them, this article gives you the top 5 tips to assist you in your purchasing decision.  So let’s get started.

Tip One:  Buy a data logger that fits your purpose

Pretty simple, but important.  There are a wide variety of data loggers with an equally wide variety of price points.  They all have different features and different accuracy levels.  Before buying one with extensive features, ask yourself “is this feature necessary?”  If your data logger needs to run on battery power for a long time, does it need an LCD display that will significantly shorten its battery life?    How accurate does it need to be?  There is a marked increase in cost the more accurate the data logger is.  If you are purchasing a data logger for regulatory purposes, look at what the rules state regarding accuracy and buy your data logger accordingly.  Don’t buy a more accurate thermometer than is needed else you won’t see the benefits and it will be more expensive.

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