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Bluetooth® sensors and loggers to monitor your world

Our Bluetooth sensor and logger products enable you to contextualise and monitor yourself, your environment, your things and your loved ones.  A Bluetooth sensor and logger allows you to monitor  events, set rules that cause things to happen and can push you alerts and notifications.  Each sensor and logger uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology and work directly with smartphones and can be internet enabled with our Tempo Anywhere™ internet gateway.

Bluetooth beacons, sensors and data loggers

Generation 3 Tempo Disc™ now available

The third generation of our popular Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth sensor and logging unit is now available.  Featuring the latest Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 System on Chip based around the Arm Cortex M4 microprocessor, Tempo Disc has larger memory for longer logging,  faster processing for improved battery performance and increased radio range.

Logging up to 200,000 data points from as frequently as once every 2 seconds through to once every day.  Rich metrics available directly from Tempo Disc with a range of settings such as flight safety mode and 2 separate alarms providing unparalleled flexibility in deployment.

For iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) or above.  No internet access required.

For remote internet based monitoring through any web-browser when used in conjunction with Tempo Anywhere and Blue Maestro Cloud.

Rich APIs and SDKs available for the development of custom apps or the incorporation of Tempo Disc into third party solutions.

Small Bluetooth sensors and loggers with smartphone

Blue Maestro Cloud™ for remote environment monitoring

The simple and cost effective way to monitor your Blue Maestro Bluetooth sensors and data loggers remotely over the internet from any web browser.

Internet access for bluetooth sensors

A flexible internet monitoring solution allowing Tempo Disc sensor data to be stored in the cloud and viewed through any web-browser.

Cost effective monitoring with free plans for limited sensing through to business grade plans with a rich set of features including compliance reports, push alerts, increased data storage and more.

Extremely quick and easy to set-up.  Simply connect Tempo Anywhere  to a Wi-Fi network using your smartphone and your sensor data will automatically be available for you over the internet.

Blue Maestro Cloud is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform which has advanced security features and an up-time of over 99.995%.

A typical use case – food and cold chain monitoring

Our Tempo Disc™ range of Bluetooth® Low Energy sensors and data loggers can be used in a wide variety of business and home applications.  One of the most popular use cases involves temperature monitoring.  Here is a short video on how a Tempo Disc™ temperature and humidity sensor and data logger can be used in a catering business, by way of example.

The Blue Maestro difference

Our products

We manufacture a range of Bluetooth sensor and logger products to sense your world.  From a high precision Bluetooth sensor and logger used for the transportation of pharmaceuticals through to consumer mini weather stations and baby monitors, Blue Maestro has a Bluetooth sensor and logger for you.

Our difference

We aren’t resellers of third party sensors and beacons made cheaply to the detriment of range, battery life and features.  We design, develop and manufacture our own Bluetooth sensor and logger devices to be the best. When you deal with Blue Maestro you are dealing with the team that designed and made the Bluetooth sensor and logger.  It’s our level of expertise, capability and attention to detail that makes us different and our sensor and logger products superior.

We customise

We are experts in providing custom Bluetooth sensor and logger solutions based on our proven technology and designs.  We have done Bluetooth sensor and logger projects for the NHS, Zebra Technologies, Laird Technologies and others.  Our approach accelerates development, is cost effective and results in a higher quality sensor and logger product for you and your end users.  When you need a sensor and logger to work well, is delivered on time and on budget, drop us a line.

Superior technology

Our Bluetooth sensor and loggers are made to the highest quality using the best components.  All of our antennas are omni-directional ceramic chip with design input and tuning done from our partners at Nordic Semiconductor and Johannson.  We utilise the latest in Nordic Semiconductor, ARM Cortex M4 and Johannson components.  We go to great lengths to maximise range, energy efficiency and sensor accuracy making our products world leaders in Bluetooth sensor and logger technology.

Great sensor design and superior performance

Hand with Bluetooth sensor disc

Pushing the envelope – adding that little extra

Innovation is at the core of what we do.   This isn’t just innovation for innovation’s sake, we focus on improving design, functionality and features.  Our Bluetooth sensor and logger products are some of the world’s best in terms of features, design, range and battery life.  We have a track record of being amongst the first to introduce the latest Bluetooth SIG specifications to our sensor and logger products and of doing this well.  This is part of our DNA.

Top 10 innovation at CES 2015

Time Magazine chose one of our Bluetooth sensor products, Pacif-i™ – the world’s first Bluetooth Smart baby pacifier, as a top 10 innovation at CES 2015 and the UK Government shortlisted us for the award “UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company” in 2014.

Join our list of clients

If you are looking for a Bluetooth sensor and logger that is a little novel or requires some customisation then speak to us and let us share our thoughts on how your solution can be delivered and experience our innovative approach for yourself.  If you are not sure why you should choose Bluetooth technology over other competing forms of radio technology (ANT, Zigbee, etc) for a sensor or logger then call us for an informal chat and we can share our thoughts on why Bluetooth is a good choice for now and in the future.



Products for the consumer to the large enterprise
(and everyone in between)

For Consumers

We make Bluetooth sensor and logger products for the home and consumer.  From Tempo™, our Bluetooth min-weather station for iOS and Android, to Pacif-i™, our award winning Bluetooth Smart thermometer pacifier,  we have a range of sensor and logger products for you, your family and your friends.

For Makers, Hackers and Hobbyists

Want to develop your own apps or “hack” our sensor or logger devices?  Go ahead!  We provide easy to use APIs that make developing your own apps a breeze.  Look out for our new APIs/SDKs for the Raspberry Pi3 coming soon.

For Small Business

Need a sensor or logger solution for your business but don’t have the time, patience or expertise to deploy your own and don’t want to spend the money on a proprietary closed logging/telemetric solution?  Then get in touch and we can show you how you can get a powerful yet easy to use Bluetooth sensor and logger solution for a fraction of the price of traditional telemetric solutions.

For Enterprise

When you need a top quality Bluetooth sensor or logging solution that can easily scale, requires customisation for integration and is developed by a team of experts then get in touch.  All of our Bluetooth sensor and logger products are available in large quantities with pricing to match.  Depending on your needs we can provide certain levels of customisation for free.


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Blue Maestro are innovators in health and environment monitoring developing small yet sophisticated sensor and logging devices that combine the latest of technology, striking aesthetics and software algorithms that not just pass raw data, but perform processing to provide meaningful insights.
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