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For small businesses or large enterprises, for the home or for personal or family health, we have a monitoring solution right for you.  Choose whether your solution is smartphone centric or fully internet (IoT) based.

Bluetooth sensors and loggers

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Powerful Sensing and Data Logging

Features that make these products unique

A range of features to make these Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and data loggers some of the best available today.  Take a look at the following introduction video for our Bluetooth Low Energy temperature and humidity sensor and data logger.



Save time

Easy to set up, easy to monitor, easy to maintain

Simplicity of design means our Tempo Disc Bluetooth Sensor and Data Logger can be set-up in minutes.  The robustness of Bluetooth ensures reliability and compatibility.

Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Data Logger Front View

Top View

With soft touch button for ease of operation.

Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor Side View

Side View

Vents for sensor accuracy and an LED for status indication.

Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor Bottom View

Bottom View

Easily removed back cover for battery replacement.

Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Silicone Cover

With Silicone Cover

For protection and increased deployment options.

Save money

Increase workflow efficiency and get better data

Significant cost advantages over traditional data loggers and competing IoT solutions.

Of the set-up time

Significantly quicker and easier to deploy.

Reduction in cost

On initial cost and over the life of the device.

Improvement in data quality

More data better presented for greater insights than traditional data loggers.

Gain new insights

Better and more timely data displayed optimally for new insights

Features of Bluetooth app for temperature, humidity and dew point

Screen from the Tempo Utility iOS app for data from a Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Remote monitoring is a breeze

Connect your sensors to the internet with Tempo Anywhere for a full IoT solution

Tempo Anywhere uses your Wi-Fi router to access the internet to provide one of the most cost effective, easily set-up and robust IoT solutions on the market today.  The solution is also easily scaleable to handle many thousands of devices.


Whatever your industry, business or use case

We have a Bluetooth® sensor and data logger right for you

If not, we can make it for you.  Cost effective and quick custom development is a specialty.


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Cold Chain


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Food safety and


Construction and Building

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