Temperature is important for many different reasons, it can affect our and our loved one’s health and comfort. Setting the right temperature at home can lead to significant energy savings.

The first step in controlling temperature is to monitor it. Now you can from the convenience of your smartphone with Tempo, the Bluetooth Smart temperature monitor from Blue Maestro. Designed to be sleek and aesthetically pleasing, Tempo is a piece of art which is also a powerful temperature monitor and logging device. It can store 7 days of hourly high, low and average temperatures. The free Tempo app allows all downloaded temperature data to be saved, so you only need to be in range of Tempo once a week to get a continual timestamped log of the temperature characteristics where Tempo is placed.

Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, Tempo is designed to fuse form with function. Its innovative design and ease of use compliment a range of utterly practical features

The Tempo is designed to be seen. Its highly polished polycarbonite exterior is both beautiful and durable. A striking range of colours mean you’ll want to display it, not hide it away

The Colour-matched silicon feet are stylish and functional, meaning the Tempo can sit safely and securely on hard, rough or slippery surfaces

Colour-matched overmoulded on/off button and internal features offer an excellent weather proofing seal, meaning the thermometer can be used outside or in damp and humid spaces

Brass screw inserts have been used for durability and strength. They perform the secondary task of allowing the 2 x AA batteries to be replaced with ease

A High quality EPCOS thermistor ensures accurate temperature measurement (0.2 degrees Celsius accuracy)

A Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Smart system on chip combines excellent battery life with a generous range

Operating temperature:  Min -25 degrees Celsius / Max +75 degrees Celsius



An app that is simple to use, small in size and beautiful to look at is the hallmark of every great app developer. The free Tempo app is all of these things and more thanks to its clean, crisp and clear blue, white and grey palette. It will collect, manage and display the continuous stream of data sent from the Tempo to your smartphone, giving all of the temperature information you need in the palm of your hand.

Temperature data is displayed in either a graphical or list format alongside the time the relevant temperature was taken. Powerful without being complicated.  Utilise our live plot feature to see real time graphing of temperature data.


iPhone-4S-white-3views-mockupWe pride ourselves in making our devices accessible to those with disabilities. For the visually impaired, the app is designed to work in synergy with the phone’s own voice-over feature. Rather than displaying the data, this will trigger a spoken report with the same 24-hour detail offered in audio rather than visual form.

Download the Free Tempo App






Frequently Asked Questions

Tempo will work with Android and iOS devices that are Bluetooth Smart Ready (often referred to as Bluetooth 4.0). This is the newest Bluetooth standard and has been accepted by all of the major handset manufacturers. If your smartphone/tablet is new then it will almost certainly be Bluetooth Smart Ready. If it is older than say a year or so, you will need to check to be sure. This information will be detailed in your packaging or documentation. If you don’t have your packaging or documentation to hand, a quick search on your device’s manufacturer’s website will generally yield that information.

The following represents a non-exhaustive list:

iOS: iPhone, 4S, iPhone 5, iPhones 5S and 5C and all later models of iPhone; iPad Mini, iPad 3 and all later models of iPad; iPod Touch 5th Generation and all later models of iPod Touch.

Android: Samsung (Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, Note 2 and Note 3), LG (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Optimus G, 4X, G2 and up, HTC (One, One Mini, One Max, Desire 300, Desire 601, Desire 500, Butterfly S), XIAOMI (Mi2 and up). Please note Android devices need to be running Android 4.3 and later operating systems.

Bluetooth Smart is a new technology and earlier operating systems don’t support it very well. We do know that Tempo works with iOS 6 but there are occasions when it will not connect reliably which happens far less frequently under iOS 7. It is the same for Android 4.3, although Tempo will not work at all on any Android version prior to 4.3 since this is was the first operating system that made devices like Tempo possible.

The first thing is to check your smartphone or tablet is Bluetooth Smart Ready and that you are running the minimum operating systems – please see FAQs above.

The second thing is to ensure your Tempo is turned on. There is a small button on the underside of the device. Tempo will emit a high tone when it is turned on and a low tone when it is turned off. The volume of the tone is faint since Tempo is sealed for waterproofness so you may need to hold it to your ear to hear clearly. It is worth noting it is the pitch of the tone that will indicate whether it is on or not. Tempo is designed to be on all the time, so once it is on you shouldn’t need to turn it off again. If you hear no tone when pressing the button, then check that the batteries are not flat or have become displaced due to hard impact on the Tempo. The batteries are easily accessible by removing the three small feet and then unscrewing the screws behind them.

The third thing is to ensure you have Bluetooth turned on on your smartphone/tablet. The app should display a message if you do not have it turned on, but it is worth checking if you don’t think your Tempo is working.

If after having gone through these steps you still have an issue, be sure to contact

Tempo will store within its memory 7 days worth of hourly high, low and average temperature.

Once data is downloaded from Tempo it is stored within the smartphone or tablet. There is no limit on how much temperature data is stored within the smartphone or tablet.

Yes and you can do this for each Tempo separately if you wish.

Tempo has a range of up to 75 meters line of sight. Indoors, the range drops depending on thickness of walls, doors and floors and how many of these the signal needs to travel through. From 3 meters to 15 meters would be usual.

Tempo is weatherproof but not waterproof. This means it can be left outside, but it should not be left in standing water. It cannot be used in pools or the like.